How to take apart iphone 5 charger cable

Posted on 05.06.2018 by Admin
The first is a PQI branded cable, which is actually. After using over the years, iPhone chargers sometimes break, due to travel damage or constant plugging and unplugging. I went and bought a new charger after mine stoped working and took apart the old on and noticed its because they are made cheaply.

It is not a surprise for most that Apple is one of the most famous and successful mobile producers in the world.

How to charge your iPhone without a charger. Way into the lightning connector so its either somone is lazy and isnt doing there job how there suppose to or a design that should. Several people complaint that the Lightning to USB cables fell apart or iPhones stop charging on Apple forum and Facebook. When you discover iPhone stops charging, you should check whether your charger is working. And then the powerred and groundblack and i noticed that the steel braided jacket that is kind of like conduit and is suppose to protect the wires was cut short and didnt go all the. Take any charger and cut off the plug. Well, look, y ou havent tried everything.
It would be easy to try plugging the charger into another device or outlet to see if it is the cable before you start taking apart the iPhone assuming it is a hardware problem. I know it would be a hardware problem if the port was filled with debris. What should you do if you have got a broken Apple charger or iPhone stop charging. So, no matter where to go, we will take iPhone charger. Use an Apple compatible charger so it actually works with the port. The very first thing you should always do, if you find that your iPhone wont charge, is to hard reset your iPhone. When you discover you iPhone stop charging, you should follow our guides to check whether it is because of iPhone device or the charger accessory.