How to draft a peter pan collar pattern

Posted on 03.06.2018 by Silas
Tips for Drafting a Peter Pan Collar. Chance has it that you probably already own a garment with this timeless feature. You can indeed draft a peter pan collar for any pattern with a round neckline. Here is a technique to draft a Peter Pan Collar yourself.
And in case youre wondering the answer is yes. Its classic and pretty shape has survived fashion era after fashion era, and never fails to give a piece of clothing that pretty yet elegant look. Part two shows you how to make the pattern for the collar For more information and pattern.
Its the jackpot of tutorials because its a three series video tutorial that walks you through how to draft a peter pan collar for your existing pattern. Lucky for me, I found a fantastic tutorial by Gerties New Blog for Better Sewing here. These little collars are so cute, I want to add them to all of my tops.