How do you look through the binoculars on club penguin

Posted on 03.06.2018 by Zena
So this is a bug that has to do with both the telescope and the Binoculars. Blair had kept the binoculars inside a locker in his original cabin aboard the Titanic, but after he was moved, the room wasn't occupied. You hold the binoculars and click on the far side of the frozen lake. What do you do after you look through the telescope on club penguin.

How to catch the Rare Grey Mullet In Club Penguin Rewritten.

On club penguin were do you look for herbert with the binoculars. Collect your medal and receive your chocolates. I will tell you where the cove is. Go back to the HQ and watch Herbert and Klutzy. Just click on the Right arrow til you see the ice. For archived SWF files, check out Club Penguin Archives, part of the Club Penguin Wiki Network. Where is the binoculars on Club Penguin where is the cove.

If you look closely the sky colors do not match up to each other.

I never knew this before, but the binoculars were actually on the Titanic, but locked up inside a locker that no one bothered to look into. I think their mostly just for fun xD but once when Club Penguin had reports of a huge storm coming for Halloween i believe you could look through the binoculars and watch it get closer and worsen. There is four ways getting there. Then just click on the binoculars.