Install apps on iphone 3g without itunes

Posted on 03.06.2018 by Alta
Fone - Transfer iOS, you are able to install apps on iPhone without iTunes with simple clicks. Backup ios apps and games including data without iTunes no jailbreak. This is certainly convenient, but using it as a remote installer from a computer is perhaps even more useful for many of us.

Finally, if you still want to use a computer but not iTunes directly, use an iTunes replacement desktop application to perform the app installations.

The basic idea behind Automatic Downloads is that if you choose to download an app on an iPhone, it will also download over on your iPad, without the user having to go find it again on the App Store. Seriously, its the best thing that can happen to your iP. When I try to do it and sync the iPhone with iTunes it shows me an error message about the iOS version too old to install the apps. The iPhone is designed so you can use it without owning a computer, so you have a few options for installing apps on your iPhone without iTunes. With the help of Wondershare dr. I can't install apps like facebook or google on the iPhone despite I already got installed them on the iPod. If you intend to jailbreak your iPhone, you can add an installer app to obtain third-party apps on the device.
Easily Backup Everything on iPhone, iPad or iPod. Note that you must have iTunes installed on the computer in order for the iTunes replacement desktop applica. To external hard disk as you like.