How to use beading wire protectors

Posted on 08.06.2018 by Magnolia
They offer a convenient way to protect your thread or beading wire such as Soft Flex where it attaches to the clasp, making a professional looking finish in the meantime. You can find our range of wire protectors here.

Each end of its horseshoe-shape is tubular and the arc of the piece is a channel.

I love these little horseshoe-shaped jewelry findings. Also thread back through the crimp bead and back through a couple of your main beads too. This horseshoe is essentially the loop that your clasp hangs from at the end of your necklace or bracelet. At this point, you can add a crimp bead cover if you wish over the top of your crimp bead. You attach your wire protector when its time to attach your clasp to your piece.

Use wire protectors with crimp beads and Soft Flex wire.

Wire protectors also called wire guards, cable thimbles etc. Are relatively new on the market. Their main purpose is to protect your wire or thread from persistent, damaging rubbing against a clasp and they can be used with just about any stringing material. Use flat nose or chain nose pliers to squash the crimp bead into place. Then gently press the wire protector sides together so that it makes more of a seamless loop.