Cloud chasing setup

Posted on 08.06.2018 by Imelda
So my question that puts this in cloud chasing and not the mod forum is. In the world of vaping, the collocation chasing clouds means building a vape setup that is designed specifically to create massive plumes of vapor. Haven't tried a twisted and I certainly haven't tried a clampton. Help with a cloud chasing setup.

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Cloud-chasing evolved naturally from vaping culture. I personal don't do much intentional cloud chasing. Best Cloud Chasing Build For Mechanical Mods Best Cloud Chasing Mods Best Cloud Chasing Starter kits Best Cloud Chasing. How To Center post Your BuildsVape-Out Podcast.
I'm looking to getting into cloud chasing a little more and getting into working on my coil braiding skills. The mod and RDA are both priced aggressively, and it would be challenging at the very least to find something as cheap with the same build quality and performance. But before I get too deep into RDAs, I'd like to get some suggestions on the best non RDA cloud chasing setup one could have. Cloud-chasing seems like a natural outgrowth of the vaping lifestyle. I consider this the first stage since I would like to fabricate a pan tilt. Video cloud chasing vape setup - VuiClip.