Clonezilla server setup guide

Posted on 05.06.2018 by Jone
One key advantage of the server version is that it allows for multicasting, which the live version does not. My first Linux computer was set up for me by a friend after I had spent two weeks trying to do it on my own. To finish hardware configuration.
The initial value of d in the IP address. What is the initial number do you want to use in the last set of digits in the IP. Multicasting means that you will use a network to load one or many computers at the same time. Set up the file system for the client in the Server. The set-up is actually very easy with this article.
Clonezilla is an extremely popular image server because it's fast, effective, and free. Sh automatically starts a script dcs which starts Clonezilla. For how to use the latter mode, you can refer to here. In this video, we virtualize the server to make it portable, also. Enter the number of clients you wish to clone. The first question basically asks you if you want to install other Linux images, answer. Answer everything as you see it below.