Who what when where why how pearl harbor

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They wanted world power and to do that they had to take out some of the other countries weapons. When does your school start and end.

I meet with my friends every Saturday evening.

The Japanese had apparently intended to declare war prior to the attack, but failed to complete this task. What would have happened if the Japanese had not attacked Pearl Harbor. Have still gotten into the war with Germany. The US had not declared war on either Germany or Japan in World War II, but had issued an embargo on oil being shipped to Japan. Japan used one of their air craft carriers and went out in the middle of the ocean and then the planes took off of that. When did the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor. Where was the bomb dropped on at Pearl Harbor.
Why did Pearl Harbor go so well for the Japanese. When do you meet with your friends. What is the importance of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. My school starts in September and ends in June. They carried bombs that they used to bomb Pearl Harbor. Japan Picture of Battleship being bombed in Pearl Harbor.