How to search movie categories on netflix

Posted on 07.06.2018 by Janiece
Some categories appear to be only used for suggestion purposes. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for. How to find Netflix's hidden categories so you can binge to your heart's content.
Activating a genre of your choice is as simple as entering the URL for it in your browser. Luckily, there's a secret, better way to browse the swaths of mediocre titles on the streaming service to get to what you're really looking for. Netflix uses a variety of methods to help you find TV shows and movies to enjoy. Use this article to learn how to find content you'll love on Netflix.

This video will show you how to search the hidden categories on Netflix.

Netflix hidden categories are the secret to better binging, friends. Spend more time searching Netflix than watching content. These categories will also display when you select the Search option. While searching Korean TV Shows brings up the same list that appears at the category URL, searching Classic War Movies doesn't bring up up any results. Thats where our trick comes in. Some of these categories don't even come up in a Netflix search. The vast amount of content on Netflix can get pretty unwieldy.