How is a barrel vault constructed why were buildings

Posted on 03.06.2018 by Odelia
It is a ceiling that is like half of a cylinder. The shape is that of a barrel vault.

A barrel vault is a structure that spans an open area.

Barrel vaults have been made use of in Roman architecture and have been there since the times of ancient Egyptians. Which word means dark and gloomy. In the beginning, barrel vault construction wasn't very popular. A barrel vault is a type of vault with continuous arched surface, resembling the inside of a barrel or tunnel. A continuous tunnel like structure, barrel vaults were used extensively by the Romans in building churches and cathedrals. Take a soup can and cut it in half from the top to bottom, and then look inside. The Vaults were constructed by Vault-Tek in the fictional cold warin case of a nuclear attack.
What is a vault and how is it constructed. The vaults wereconstructed deep underground or in mountains, generally in astructure resembling two rings of tubes with rooms attached and acentral room at the bottom leading to the vault door. Technically, a barrel vault is formed when the arches of several conventional vaults are placed side by side, one after the other. Find out more about the history of barrel vaults in the article. However, such a construction became a necessity when timber and wood were not sufficient to construct the roofs of buildings. Moreover, Barrel vault roof is still used today in several parts of the world. Barrel vaults have been extensively used in ancient times, especially in Egyptian and Roman Architecture.