How to write a character reference for a work colleague

Posted on 04.06.2018 by Kristeen
Click the image below to get started. Use strong verbs but do not exaggerate. Examples of a Character Reference Letter.
A reference letter, also known as a letter of recommendation, is. Mention the strong qualities, characteristics, and strengths of the person in question. If you have never written a character reference letter before, it might sound like a challenge. Conclude the letter by stating whether or not you recommend your colleague. While writing character reference letter is a big responsibility, theres no need to worry. Reference Letter Writing Instructions.
Giving brief examples, discuss why you feel the person will be a great addition to office and work culture. Describe your colleague, his or her skills, and his or her projects. Start off with a salutation and the name of the person the letter is about. Keep your writing positive and youll surely earn the gratitude of the friend or individual who requested you to. Write a sentence or two explaining how you know the person and for how long. Sample Scholarship Recommendation Letter.