Bullet train from beijing to shanghai how long

Posted on 09.06.2018 by Admin
Thanks to the new bullet train, come June, Beijing will be just another Shanghai day trip. Although flying from Beijing to Shanghai only takes two hours, the train journey will be shortened from an overnight trip to just four hours.

A fast, efficient, and interesting way to get from Beijing.

Shanghai-Beijing bullet train to run in June. Check high speed train stations, schedule, seat classes, ticket fare for Beijing Shanghai train tour. The timetable above is only for your reference. If you want up-to-date schedules, please use the search tool at the top of this page, or search on China Train Ticket Service. Our camera couldn't quite keep up with it. We were picked up by a driver from our hotel, but there are a number of public transport options to make your way into town.
The new high-speed rail line linking Chinas two main economic hubs is back on track. HongQiao is also the location of Shanghai's second airport, the other being Pudong International. How far from Beijing to Shanghai. Both are a long way from the city center. If you would like to travel in daytime to enjoy the great view on the way, we recommend the G type Beijing - Shanghai high speed trains, as they are fast and comfortable.