Best skill tree setup for soldier borderlands 2

Posted on 04.06.2018 by Erinn
Borderlands Aurelia Skill Tree and Gear Guide. Well for soldier, start with the aid tree so you wont die as easy, and then the infantry tree to kil things faster and better.
Are you sure you want to delete this answer. I was wondering what is the best skill tree for a soldier and a siren in borderlands. New vault hunters, new environments, new enemies, new weapons and more. Im not so sure of the siren thought sorry. This one time event was well received and got me fired up to make some more.
We havent completely maxed out the tree because its worth investing some skill points in Bloodlust, so you have In any case, Raving Retribution is your goal here. This combination of skills does see you setting yourself on fire but Numbed Nerves in the Hellborn tree means youll take minimal damage while benefiting from the Hellborn buffs. The tune for the Trailer, Doomsday by Nero, got my blood pumping.