What is an asset class anyway greer

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Store of value assets, which can neither be consumed nor have cash flows, but have value anyway. Investment instruments tied to asset classes.
You are going to email the following What is an Asset Class, Anyway. Capital assets are any assets that can generate future cash flows, such as equities which generate cash flows in the form of dividends and bonds which generate cash. This is important because the problem fo. Burniske and White recognize a problem with Greers superclasses because the lines between these classes can be a bit fuzzy. ' has always made compelling reading.

Bitcoin and most cryptoassets do not have underlying cash flows, so the story goes.

A useful framework for thinking about this is in Robert. Cryptographic assets the new asset superclass. Since crypto-assets can exist simultaneously within each of those classes, BNC takes the position they should have their own superclass alongside the three traditional asset superclasses. Greers paper, What is an Asset Class, Anyway.