Setting cue points serato

Posted on 09.06.2018 by Rico
How do I get the new verision to work like the older version in regards to setting cue points with just using the number keys. How to Beatgrid and Use Sync Properly in Serato DJ. Firstly, you may want to skip the intro to drop the track without mixing it in. They are not lost if the file is moved or renamed.
Is, through serato, the only way you can set your cue points. How to Set and Save Cue Points in Rekordbox. This allows you to quickly jump straight to the point where you'll drop the track. Enable hot cues in order to just hit the key and assign a cue. Watched SpinNation talk about setting up loops, and it reminded me of post I did awhile ago on my old channel. When I was able to do it by just using the number keys. Yes, but as he said, he doesn't want to manually set all the cue points.
He wants something like auto start from first beat. Read below as I walk you through how I personally make the most of using cue points in Serato DJ Pro. How and Why You Should Analyze Files, Set Cue Points and Loops. You may have a secondary way of bringing in the song, it could be a vocal introduction you want to incorporate or maybe it's a drum roll you want to scratch in before the beat drops.