Htc one x blinkfeed not working

Posted on 08.06.2018 by Loura
Here you can pan through all your home screens, and the far left is Blinkfeed. However my BlinkFeed was working till my phone died earlier, charged and powered back on only to find my self with loading. Fir time phone has been powered down, restarted since upgrade. Worked fine for a week or two after updating to kit Kat.
The second two both will work, but select Manage home screen pages. One X Original Android Development. No content pull down to refresh. A news and information aggregator tool of sorts, and heres how to disable it. HTCs own custom app designed to deliver news, sports, social, and even email updates all right to the users homescreen in one place. Now I cannot find Blinkfeed at all, and have no idea how to start the setup again. I had a notification to set up Blinkfeed, started to do that, then it closed or I accidentally closed it.
Personalize HTC BlinkFeed to show articles and status updates from your favorite news sources and apps. I have auto-refresh on for wifi and it was working perfectly before the upgrade. One X QA, Help Troubleshooting. One of the most popular features of the One series is Blinkfeed. After updating to Kitkat, the blinkfeed on my HTC one is not working anymore. Adding sources to HTC BlinkFeed. DO agree that HTC blinkfeed found in the HTC one is the most useful feature of any android phone.