How to play carol of the bells on guitar

Posted on 05.06.2018 by Admin
Start by learning the right hand notes, then after you can play it fairly well, practice the left hand part. Watch my fingering and use it as a guide. The notes can be seen at the top of the video. You must be logged in to post a comment.

Learn to play Carol of the Bells by Traditional on guitar.

Nice tutorial but you should have played the entire song fron the beginig at the end so we could hear how it sounds like. It will help you move between notes more quickly. Proper fingering makes it easier to play.
Carol, thank you very much for your teaching method, there's no one like you. Sarajevo Carol of the Bells Christmas Light Show. In the video I use my thumb to grab the low F note, which makes things easier to play overall. On guitar tutorial with tabs and lyrics Angus Young. You teaching method is excellent.