How to do a side french braid your own hair

Posted on 01.06.2018 by Herschel
You can add it to your other hair to make a ponytail with a braid too, like i did in this video. Brush all your hair backwards away from your forehead and, if its long enough, over your shoulders so that its all in the same place. In case you have angles or bangs or layers of any variety, i could recommend pigtails by using fact your angles and layers will fall out of one french braid down the midsection.

French braiding takes practice.

I like to french braid my hair in pigtails yet you're able to do eighther. As a side note, we actually recommend forgoing the mirror when you French braid. Without further ado, heres exactly how to French braid your own hair. Check out my video above and a step by step below.
Tie one side up with one of your hair-binders. And while French braid hairstyles might seem like an uninspiring option, have you ever considered learning how to do a side French braid. How to do a side french braid in your hair. Add on to your braid on both sides by picking up another little chunk of hair and then performing another braid. NowI do it almost weekly and love it every time. From the top center of your head, take a large chunk of hair and separate it into three fairly even sections as you would a regular braid.