How to diffuse your hair youtube

Posted on 06.06.2018 by Tiffany
With using my Monat hair products and the DevaFuser hair diffuser I will show you how to do a frizz free curly or scrunched look for when you need your hair. Hair diffusers are useful for drying your hair and enhancing waves and curls without making your hair frizzy. Ive been a fan of this technique for years because it. You can change this preference below.

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Today I will show you how to diffuse curly hair for more volume and increased curl definition. The browser will be automatically load, if what that the ask xin comment at the bottom below. Let it sit for a few minutes before diffusing.
You're viewing YouTube in Russian. Its no secret that a hair diffuser can save your curls - if you know how to use one. Try to avoid brushing the hair when you get out of the shower. Before you start, make sure you have a diffuser that stays on your hair dryer many will fall off. Easiest Cheapest way to cut your own hair into layers curly, wavy, straight hair.