How to defeat salve maker qada

Posted on 03.06.2018 by Joy
Qada is found in the third floor which accessible by taking the northwest stairs in the first floor. Brave Suit is always one of the best. The Salve-Maker is a job in Bravely Default. After saving up BP for a few turns, Qada will unleash his Dark Breath attack, which threatens to deal damage equal to the amount of health he has lost.
Visit Khamer Profiteur at the Merchantry building on the east side of Ancheim. If you've managed to pick up a Star Pendant or four, now would be a good time to equip them, negating the poison effects. You apparently combine items to make new ones. Bravely Default boss fight Bravely Default Qada Bravely Default Salve Maker Asterisk Arisen Culture.
After listening to him, exit the building. The Salve-Maker focuses primarily on the use of items for attack, defense, and support. It is obtained after defeating Qada in Starkfort. Salve-Makers have an item for that. Then two, three units end up dying. The game is making you think strategy.