How to cook ginisang sayote with pork

Posted on 03.06.2018 by Lore
Ginisang monggo is a delicious stew that is usually incorporated with pork to give its broth a meatier flavor. Im in a survival mode this time and wanted to stretch my budget. Try this Ginisang Sayote Recipe and let me know what you think.

In a wok, put cooking oil and saute garlic until brown, then onion until cooked, then followed by the tomatoes.

Now we are ready to cook the ingredients. Feel free to leave a comment below. They are selling are those not sold the other day. Have you tried cooking Ginising Sayote. Ginisang Sayote or Sauteed Chayote is a simple Pinoy Recipe, added with pork or shrimp. Rinse the mung beans in running water. You could use seafoods such as shrimp to make it more suited to your taste.
Can you tell us what these dishes are and how you prepare them. This local bean dish is not only nutritious, it's also good and easy to whip up. It can also be a side dish for fried fish.