How do i authorize my iphone for my itunes account

Posted on 02.06.2018 by Janae
However, there seems to be a message that appears reading that I need to authorize iTunes. I was using an Apple Mac the time as I am studying in college.

Icloud is holding all my old purchases hostage and I want them back.

Can't find anything on how to do this. When I try to purchase a gift card on iTunes, it says your account is not authorized to purchase a gift card but you can buy one in a store. Working over the phone or internet is tough, it's our descriptions that allows them to assist us. ' That's because it is hidden away in the least obvious place you can imagine.
My settings are in English UK where I live. Authorizing your computer in iTunes will authorize your Apple device when you sync it with iTunes. I must be an idiot, because I read the directions on how to authorize my laptop for itunes and could not figure it out. Each individual's issue could be different depending on what they attempted while trying to authorize their phones. Is there a way to authorize my account to purchase a gift card. It's more like kind of strange a rep doesn't know all the options or settings a person has entered or changed in their phone. My MacBook is authorized but now I need to authorize my audible account.