Dell latitude d830 screen not working

Posted on 06.06.2018 by Dayna
If they were made by no-name third party manufacturers we list them as - New Aftermarket Replacement They are brand new high quality generic replacement and covered by our warranty. I unplugged power cord, took out battery, and.
I want help and support from Dell community that's why I have created account. Report Unresolved Customer Service Issues here. Dell diagnostic tool has passed every thing.
Last night its screen gone white. Hello, I turned my laptop on today and the screen was black. I attached an external display both directly and through my dock and nothing appears on the display. If that's the case, the mainboard needs to be replaced. If the system has an nVidia video chip, it's likely that has failed. It sounds normal as it starts up but nothing appears on the display. I know the battery is currently fried so i have to keep it should be this.