Change time lapse settings gopro hero

Posted on 03.06.2018 by Mardell
This tutorial is one of three Night Lapse tutorials in which I uncover the keys to creating a quality night lapse. In this guide, you'll learn the settings and gear needed to create your own. Ready to start shooting GoPro time lapse videos. You can change this preference below.
In this step by step tutorial you'll learn how to create stunning GoPro time lapse sequences by reading and watching a short example video. Each of those modes has three capture modes. Planning your shoot - key issues. For Time Lapse, you can change the. This blog post focuses on what time lapse settings to use with your GoPro camera, to assist in planning your shoot. After that, select the shooting mode icon for the bottom left. What are the best GoPro settings for time lapse photography.
In this little tutorial I go over each setting in detail and why I use them. Then, make sure to tap the time lapse icon and the Time Lapse Video or Time Lapse Photo. For Video, you can change resolution, frames per second fps, and field of view FOV. Please comment if you have any questions about creating sunset or sunrise timelapses on your GoPro and I will try to answer them the best that I can. Time lapse photography allows you to capture many hours or even years into a couple of minutes of video. You can change some of the Video and Time Lapse settings using the buttons on the camera. Which ever technique you decide on here are a few simple steps to get you started.