What is f on camera

Posted on 06.06.2018 by Ida
In most, except the very simplest or specialised lenses, the aperture can be varied by an adjustable diaphragm to limit the amount of light entering. What does the f-stop on a camera do. Even if you've never changed the f-stop on your lens or through your camera, you've probably noticed this setting at some point.
The smaller the f-stop the larger the lens opening, and large f numbers relate to small openings or apertures in the lens. Learn about camera aperture and how to choose it. Lenses on cameras are usually specified, amongst other things, by their maximum aperture, the widest hole through which light enters the camera.

Otherwise known as aperture, the f-stop regulates the amount of light that can pass through a lens at a given shutter speed.

About Careers Privacy Terms Contact. View Profile View Forum Posts Follow on Twitter. Lenses also need a focusing system. Understand maximum aperture and how it affects your image. There are plenty of options for autofocus motors as well, for instance hypersonic or silent ones. Is this is the maximum f-stop, the ideal, or something else.