What is 10-41 police code

Posted on 07.06.2018 by Jo
That is why the Feds have been asking departments to start using plain English since in disasters they have found that no one understands each other. These codes are meant to assist emergency personnel such as police, by providing uniformity and clarity in communication.

If it's an intense crime drama, they may have just reported a riot.

Best thing about this new service is that you are never placed on hold. While the interpretation of a specific code can vary from area to area, in both cases, the use of police codes has gotten the point across quickly. If you are interested in the future plans for this Website visit About Police Codes Page. While they are typically thought of as being associated with police, other emergency personnel also use similar systems.
These codes are selected to reduce confusion while communicating on a Radio or listening to a Police Scanner. Privilege of identity of informer. Police radio codes differ greatly throughout various jurisdictions and regions. They are usually transmitted by voice over the radio or used in mobile data systems. This means the subject is wanted for a felony. He simply did not tell the dispatcher he was going on a break and got a hot job.