Shinee why so serious

Posted on 02.06.2018 by Lorelei
Geunyang geudael bon nalbuteo sijagida, ijebuteon geuge deo jungyohanikka Onew ireon jombi yeonghw. Onew sum swineun ge jigyeowojil jjeum geu ttae geudae balgyeon. Romeo and Juliet Its not a, ah, sad love story Everything will be alright Youre a love story maniac Who knows about the inevitable happy ending. Taemin romiowa julliet, seulpeun reobeuseutoriga a, aniya All da jal doel geoya Jonghyun 'gyeolguk haepi ending'eul aneun neon yeonaesoseol maeniak.
Lets walk staggeringly, thats our way of love. Romeo and Juliet, its not a sad love story Everything will be fine You, who knows that it will be a happy ending, are a fiction maniac. When breathing became boring Thats when I found you, so shocked. My heart was covered in dust, but the engine is renewed Once again, my pale lips become a bright colored rouge Baby, what do you think of me. Taemin jajeong mak jinan saebyeok, jinheulg sok nun tteun mueonga Onew modu nareul museowohaetji Oh yeah Jonghyun apeuro ppeodeun du pal, nan sarainneun wokingdedeu Key geu sumeun chagawotji.
Lyrics on this page and listen to the song. Key nan museopji anhayo So get in, get in. Shinees top lyrics on this site. You must be logged in to post a comment. Taemin I gin eodumi eonjebuteoyeonneunji gieokdo an nane, daechung baek nyeon jeon. My heart that was only covered with dust, renew the engine My lips that were colorless are now back to red rouge Baby, what do you think of me.