Why is a flame photometer adequate

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The performance of the instrument depends upon an adequate supply of compressed air. There are four basic components to a Flame Photometer a flame, nebulizer and mixing chamber, colour filters, and a photo detector. Flame Photometer Use in Biology and Medicine. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a flame test.
The Nebulizer breaks up the sample into atoms. The analyte is sucked into the capillary by the high-pressure gas stream flowing around the tip of the capillary using the Bernoulli effect. The working of the flame photometer involves a series of steps which is discussed in the following sections.

Why Calibration of a Flame Photometer Is Important.

Recommended compressor maintenance procedures should be carried out to ensure that compressor performance does not deteriorate. Thus, we can quantify the intensity of the flame colour using photoelectric circuitry. Completion type tests can include an adequate sampling of co ntent material which is therefore likely to have more validity. Flame photometer is an analytical instrument in which we use a controlled flame test. This is a measure of the flame photometers ability to separate two overlapping peaks. Why BWB Technologies Is Top Of The Flame Photometer Manufacturers.