Why do i love fictional characters

Posted on 04.06.2018 by Admin
Michelle Rodriguez plays all those hot, bad-ass babes that so often seem to die. Id love to have a bad-ass babe like the characters she plays in my life. Beyond a simple reading and re-reading, track the characters, look at the critical reception, and learn more about the historical context of the work. Why do I get so attached to characters.

Which fictional character did you grow too attached to.

A lot of people hated the character Rose. I just saw Star Wars The Last Jedi. How does the character and the episodes in the novel that compelled you to love the character compare with your real life experiences.
I should have drawn them naked instead. Use your intense fascination with the book to conduct a full study of all works by the author, as well as an exhaustive study of the novel itself. Why is it hard to get over fictional characters.