How to wear male and female condom

Posted on 06.06.2018 by Amparo
This wikiHow will show you how to insert and remove a female condom. You can go for a bubble gum flavored condom or a strawberry one or you can even go for the extra time condoms that give you extra time while going for. How to Use Male and Female Condoms. There are two types of condoms that you get- the male and female condoms.
They prevent pregnancy by stopping sperm from meeting an egg. There have been several doubts and queries about a condom and how to wear a condom. Also, for best and maximum protection, apply spermicide to ensure the best protection and lessen the chances of an unplanned miracle. If it is used and filled up with semen, its best to throw it away as soon as possible. Condoms are a form of barrier contraception. The next step in how to use a female condom correctly is to lubricate it. Remember that if you are wearing a female condom, the male should not wear a condom.

Here we will tell you on how to use a male condom with the help of step by step guide.

Female condoms are a barrier method of contraception, worn inside the vagina. Store a condom in a cool place. Condoms always come in wrappers and you need to tear the wrapper. This is to ensure the best results and the pleasant feeling later on the intercourse. The male and female condom is the only form of contraception that protects against sexually transmitted infections STIs as well as preventing pregnancy. While lubricating, one must take note of the differences of male and female condoms. Apply lubricant into the female condom even though it may be pre-lubricated.