How to sell books on amazon japan

Posted on 08.06.2018 by Neely
Too many pitfalls, time consuming and difficult with the language and special considerations. Those that do will often charge you fifteen to twenty-five dollars per title for the service.
Amazon is a great site for person-to-person book selling, as well as for finding books through professional dealers. Jp in order to see how much the books would cost in Japan. All they really do is represent you and pay for your customs duties, your import duties and your consumption tax to have your shipment passed through customs. Keep in mind that most domestic Japanese dealers will not ship overseas.
An importer of record could be a friend, it could be that you're married to a Japanese or could be an in-law or could be maybe a business associate that you may have. Thats why its not such a crowded market. It sounded like a great fit and we discussed how to do the research and what was needed to get my products on sale on Amazon Japan. The best time to make an offer an a large lot of books is at the end of the sale. Amazon actually want non-residents or non-Japanese to sell on Amazon Japan so they're quite supportive.