How to make the ender dragon egg hatch in minecraft 1.5.1

Posted on 02.06.2018 by Admin
Let's explore how to add a dragon egg to your inventory. Can I hatch a dragon egg on Nintendo Switch edition of Minecraft. Notch said that in a future update, he will add a new mob that comes out of the egg. Once the ender dragon has been defeated, it will glow purple and begin to disintegrate until it vanishes.
Once this happens, experience will drop to the ground as well as a dragon egg. You can only use Forge to do this. For now, it will teleport away, so don't touch it. However, the development team has hinted at it being a possibility in future updates. How can I hatch an ender egg in Minecraft. If you want to spawn an ender dragon in, you'll need a mod that allows you to either hatch the egg, or spawn it using a command. A dragon egg is available in the following versions of Minecraft.
Install this mod and you'll be able to hatch the egg and also mount the dragon using a saddle. You will see its health bar go down as you attack it. Let's learn how to add the dragon egg to our inventory.