Chevy one piece rear main seal install

Posted on 04.06.2018 by Tiffani
Rase engine drop pan lossing main berring caps, cranck will drop down a bit. Oakfield Hot Rod Shop, showing how to correctly install the engine block side of a two piece rear main seal in a small block chevy engine.
Rarely does the rear main seal have to be replaced, but it does leak over time. Properly installing this seal is easier if a few basic tips are followed. Sbc chevy rear main seal crankshaft kit. Follow install directions on repacking the seal Rope type seal. We cannot take back installed or tried parts. The lip on the seal is designed to allow oil pressure to force the seal against the crankshaft, im.
Where does a one piece rear main seal go. Bear's GTO - Fitting and Installing the. You can either pull the engine out or remove the transmission and flywheel to install the rear seal. Lip orientationThe lip on the rear main seal should point toward the crankshaft and not towards the back of the engine. Apply RTV silicone to the cap's mating surfaces, then install the lower rear man bearing half to the engine, ensuring that the RTV doesn't get onto the seal's mating line. If its a newer genII engine remove transmission flexplate or flywheel from back of crank shalft.