No disk in drive xp setup

Posted on 07.07.2018 by Admin
Edit the virtual machine settings select Hardware tab and click on Add to add a Floppy Drive. You install Windows XP Mode or Create a Virtual Machine using Windows Virtual PC.

I feel that I may and switch back to the HD boot, the way it was to begin with.

Here you will find further informations on howto build a slipstreamed installation CD for. Then choose the radio button that says make setup disk in windows XP. On Host systems which have multiple ODD, it is by design that Windows XP Mode as well as Windows Virtual PC includes only one DVD drive within the Virtual Machine settngs.

When users try to install Windows XP, they encounter the problem of not being able to find any hard disk drives installed as if they werent connected.

How did you resolve your problem. In this scenario, On Host Systems which have multiple ODD drives, only one ODD will be listed within the Virtual Machine. In the Select a Physical Device Un-check Connect at power on. You access My Computer from within the Virtual Machine. Then restart the thru the bios the computer hangs up and does not continue. Re-select the floppy drive under Hardware tab.