How to use time lapse on gopro hero 2

Posted on 31.07.2018 by Sarina
I also talk about batteries for the Go Pro and how long they last. How can you slow down or speed up videos and time-lapses in GoPro Studio. I will show you today how to make a time lapse with GoPro and how to edit the video using the Free software Quik.
How to Create a GoPro Time Lapse Video. Shop Now Free SD card with all cameras. Create Timelapse videos from Videos. Create Timelapse videos from Images. For other GoPro models, it is necessary to use a software to compile images and video clips. Create GoPro Studio Time Lapse Videos from Images. As youll learn in this guide, using your GoPro to shoot beautiful time lapse video can be easy and fun once you learn some key rules about settings, shooting and editing.
Note that adjusting the speed in this will cause audio to be removed. Please tell us how we can make this article more useful. In this article, we will show you how to create a time lapse video with images and clips in GoPro Studio. Theres more help on the GoPro Support Hub.