How to turn your clothes white again

Posted on 08.09.2018 by Ruthanne
Add one cup of chlorine bleach to the hot water and add the pink clothing back to the wa. The first time i went to go wash clothes with my brother for my parentsi wanted to surprise them boy did they get a surprise lol i put the white clothes in the washer along with a red sock. Turn off the heat, then add your whites, and allow them to soak for an hour in the lemon water.
Make sure that the lemons are cut into slices rather than halves. How to Turn Old Clothes into Doll Clothes. But the problem was easily fixed. It is a natural bleacher which is used by many human generations in ancient times.

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Thankfully, though, there are a few tricks you can try to help brighten your white clothes back to their original shade again after they have gotten soiled and tainted. I used chlorine bleach on white clothes that were supposed to be washed with non-chlorine bleach. You may need only one slice of lemon, or you may need a couple of slices. You want as much of the lemon flesh to be exposed as possible since more of the juice from the inner membranes can seep into the water that way.