How to survive century club drinking game

Posted on 03.06.2018 by Catrice
Century Club Drinking Game Rules. The hardest part of a festival Power Hour or Century Club is keeping track of the time. Take a shot of beer every minute for the duration you set. Every time the song changes, you have to take a shot of beer.
A Century Club is similar to a Power Hour, but is a l ot more challenging. No-one but the king is allowed to go to the toilet and the. Drinking games can be extremely dangerous and even deadly. Everyone has their own way of remembering to drink and keep track of how many drinks have been tossed back. Just have lots of beer prepared for the group.

Rules for the drinking game Century Club.

Same with Power Hour, since this is not really much of a game as it is a social event, there isn't much setup. Century Club drinking game, or Centurion is a hard-core drinking game for hard-core drinkers. For those who think power hour isnt good enough. Century Club Drinking Game Ends by Elimination. Please drink responsibly and ensure that you do not consume unsafe amounts of alcohol.