How to remove home screens on samsung galaxy note 3

Posted on 03.06.2018 by Kenyetta
Youre free to remove panels you dont need. Adding app that you like and frequently use or remove the app that is not important and you rarely use. The steps for how to set up your home screen panels the way you want them to look will be provided below.

Whether it's because you have nosy family and friends or you're just cautious about losing your device, having a passcode on your Android smartphone is essential for protection.

Now, you have to tap and hold the Home screen that you want to delete. Here are the three built in ways for capturing images. Dont worry you dont need an app to take screenshots. Like iPhone, Samsung phone also provides you the direct way to take screenshots with buttons. In previous articles we have learned about how to setup the home screen, so now we will learn how to add and remove apps or widgets on the Home screen of your phone.
Technically, it can have up to seven Home screen panels. If there are items on the Home screen that you want to delete, the Remove home screen page prompt is displayed. All of us have our favorite features that we want to access quickly when we need it. With customize the Home screen you can personalized Home screen according to your wish. We can do this by using an app called SkipLock on Google Pay by developer Ben Hirashima, which is a beefed up version of his previous app, Unlock with WiFi.