How to efile income tax return for salaried

Posted on 02.10.2018 by Golden
Check your income tax refund status online guide. Upload Digital Signature Certificate DSC, if applicable. Balance Sheet, PL Account Statement and other Audit Reports wherever applicable.

How to Check Income Tax Refund Status Online.

How to E-file Income Tax Return for Salaried Blogger. This video will tell you how to eFile your Income Tax Return for Salaried Bloggers. We provide Online tax return filing services for. Bank Statement, Google Adsense statement and other any other income proof which you have earned through blogging. Go to e-File and click on Upload Return. Wealth statements contain details of a person's assets and liabilities. How to Login to incometax website for filing return.
Click here to read our article to get an insight. Interest statement showing interest paid to you throughout the year. Checklist of documents and pre-requisites before Filing the Return. Documents required to file tax return.