How to cut audio files on mac

Posted on 23.05.2019 by Admin
Import recordings or audio files. Or you can also split it into several segments from the middle. Click on Open button to import recordings or audio files that you need to edit. If not, you can reset the audio clip.
Hit CommandT to open the Trim function, or, you can also find the Trim function under the Edit menu. With only easy three steps, you've got your personalized audio files. Just input your audio file, adjust the interval and trim length, preview and modify, then save the trimmed audio track to make it as a Phone ringtone or video narratage.
Drag the yellow sliders on the left and right side to trim down the section of the song to where you want, press the play button to confirm the audio segment is where you want things to be. You can either choose to cut from the begging or the end by dragging this icon to any wanted point. Trim and Split Audio with User-friendly UI.