How much does medieval plate armor weigh

Posted on 18.09.2018 by Latoya
Anyway, I think that most people consider brigandine a type of armor made by several small plates riveted to a garment. There was a significant difference in that the weight of medieval armour was distributed over the whole body rather than substantially carried on the back. Medieval steel plate armor is often misunderstood, so here I endeavor to clear up those misconceptions. Mobility in Medieval Plate Armor.

Small plates are the key to define it, because if they became big enough to cover most of the zone you want to protect, we enter in the plate armor definition.

How much medieval armor weighed. Breastplate and Lamellar Armor. Brigandine is a bit trickier to define as well as to find proper data on its weight. How heavy, exactly, were these suits. How much does all of that weigh. This video shows that full plate allows one to stand up from a fall with relative ease.
Such armours are responsible for the myths of all armours weighing a huge amount. By suit of armour I'm assuming the question is referring to plate harness, which only became common in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries, ie the very end of the medieval period. These armours are designed for maximum protection in a sport, rather than practical armour for military combat. It depends on the type of armor you are referring to, as the medieval time period had several different common types of armor.