How do you use the word bye in a sentence

Posted on 23.06.2018 by Lesha
And let him say good bye to us in the usual way. Wait till Menelaus has brought his presents and put them in the chariot for us. By the bye there's a tuningfork in there on the. When one man has killed another-even though he was not one who would leave many friends to take up his quarrel-the man who has killed him must still say good bye to his friends and fly.

How can you use the word goods in a sentence.

Sentence using the words eminent and explicit. In Sentence and Word Structure. The eminent doctor developed a number of procedures for saving lives. He could only thank goodness that his family was safe. Is a popular interjection, but not actually a sentence. A cereal maker adopted the phrase 'chocolatey goodness' to descri. Her eminence in cinematography is unrivaled.

Goods is a noun referring to a product.

Make a sentence with the word eminent. Com Categories Literature Language Languages and Cultures English Language Writing and Composition Sentence and Word Structure How do you use good-bye in a sentence. The oerstad is a measured unit of field strength in electromagnitsm so it makes Hans Oerstad an eminent physicist to have his discovery of it. How do you use eminence in a sentence.