Entity framework code first connection string example

Posted on 17.06.2018 by Admin
Here is the connection string section of my web. I'm trying to transfer it to a live site, but it overlooks web config values and still references my local version of the database.

I can not find any sources of what exactly to use.

Trying to get my first MVC EF code first project to run. Here, we will learn how EF decides the database name and server while initializing a database in code-first approach. Following is the implementation for Course class. Be sure to replace the connection name, server, and database from the example with your own values. First, we add our connection string that Entity Framework will use to our web. EF will create a new SchoolDB-ByConnectionString database or use the existing SchoolDB-ByConnectionString database in the local SQL Server.
Add the connection string to web. We have seen that Code-First creates a database automatically in the Simple Code First Example section. Navigation properties are typically defined as virtual so that they can take advantage of certain Entity Framework functionality such as lazy loading.